Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can I expect to receive my order?

- FOOD -

Each restaurant / bakery / foodcart has their own expected delivery time. For example, for McDonald's it is 60 minutes. Under normal circumstances, the food will arrive within said expected time.

If you order from more than one place, then please take into consideration the extra time needed to fulfill your order.


If you are ordering during our delivery hours, and you select the next available delivery time slot, you can expect to receive your order in around two hours.

In which areas do you deliver?

We currently deliver food and groceries in the following areas in Pampanga:

  • Angeles City (Postcode 2009)
  • Clark Freeport Zone (Postcode 2023)
  • Mabalacat (Postcode 2010)
  • Telabastagan, Calibutbut and Saguin in San Fernando (Postcode 2000)

In the future, we will extend our delivery service to other cities throughout the Philippines.

What if I got the wrong product or the product is damaged or out of date?

In this case, please notify our delivery driver right away. He will then take the faulty product back with him, and you will be given the correct product on his next delivery round (usually within two hours).


Is there a minimum or maximum order limit?

- FOOD -

There is no minimum. However, maximum per order is ₱2,000. You are welcome to make more than one order, in case you are having a big celebration or similar.


For groceries, there is also no minimum. Maximum per order is ₱3,000. As with food, you are welcome to make more than one order.

Should I tip the delivery driver?

Giving tip to the delivery driver is not necessary or expected. However, if you feel we did an exceptional service, then please feel free. The delivery driver will personally get the full tip for him/herself.

What are the fees for using your service?

- FOOD -

Our food delivery fee starts at ₱39 only. Ordering from more than one place will add another ₱25 per place.

Example: Order a meal from McDonald's: ₱39. Order a meal from McDonalds + some items from 7-Eleven: ₱64 (₱39 + ₱25).


Our grocery delivery fee starts at ₱99. If you include fish, fruit or vegetables in your order (Fresh Market), then ₱25 is added. Ordering beef, chicken or pork (Fresh Options) adds another ₱25 .

Example: Order only regular supermarket products: ₱99. Order regular supermarket products + 1/2 kilo pork and 1/2 kilo chicken drumsticks: ₱124 (₱99 + ₱25).

Included in the delivery fee is also concierge (product picking) and packing fee.

What type of payments do you accept?

Currently, we only accept cash on delivery (COD). In the near future, we will also accept VISA/Master card.


Can I suggest a product / restaurant / meal?

- FOOD -

Yes! Please click this link, and let us know by filling out the form.


Yes! Please click this link, and let us know by filling out the form.

What products does Homeshop feature?

- FOOD -

We offer all of your most beloved restaurants, as well as bakeries, popular foodcarts and 7-eleven.

If you would like to see a certain restaurant featured, then please let us know by clicking this link and filling out the form.


Our aim is to carry all products, that you would find in any regular supermarket or large grocery store.

We add new products daily. If you notice that your favorite product is missing, please let us know by clicking this link and filling out the form.

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